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We are a family farm located in North Carolina. We strive to provide accessibility to real food, not food-like products. All of our products are housemade or homegrown, we use all-natural ingredients while advocating for sustainability within ranching. We are homesteaders in training because we never stop learning and revising our ways!


My husband and I come from two different parts of the United States, he was raised in California and I was raised in Indiana. David and I share a similar childhood in that our parents used government assistance to get by ( aka welfare kids.) Though we were not raised that way forever, it left an impression on us in different ways. We have five children. My husband is a disabled veteran and when our youngest twins were born, we too, relied on government assistance to get us by. It was during that time that it dawned on me just how little nutritional value was allotted for children using WIC. Once our twins were eating solids, I was allotted $5, per baby, per month for fresh fruits and vegetables. This diet consisted of over 64 oz. of grains. I’m not saying this is good or bad, you can develop your own opinion and I respect your opinion. What took me for surprise was the lack of access to fresh produce. Being put in a troubling situation, why would I spend that $5 on one pint of strawberries when you can get a dozen cans of fruits and veggies? Most in need, wouldn’t do that, they would go the route where they get the most they can. This to me is unfortunate, I felt so upset that I couldn’t afford to give my children real food and I was left feeding them overly processed food loaded with granulated sugar. I felt as though I was setting them up to fail.  


As we are growing, things are changing. Our main goal has remained the same. We provide real food and real products. We strive for affordability and quality. What sets us apart is that we donate a good portion of our fresh produce to people in our community and communities around us who don’t have access to fresh quality nutrition, thus making a full circle ( given David and I's background.) For every housemade product purchased, the same product is also donated. We fully intend to grow and expand our gardens, product line, and donation radius. We work with other organizations to host farm tours, share the stories of our mistakes, and show people how to be self-sufficient.


I envision having a brick-and-mortar location someday. I would love to provide farm-to-table meals with the utmost quality and freshness. I have so many ideas to incorporate community activism, outreach and education, and business growth. With your support of our farm, you not only are supporting us as a family, but you are also gifting real food and/or real products to families who otherwise wouldn’t have the same privilege. I ask that you follow us on patron and see the impact we are making through your generous support and contributions. Thank you for taking the time to land on our site and get to know us, we look forward to meeting you! Stop by anytime, just call on your way so I can make sure David is wearing pants!

Basic Logo.png



What does all this mean? Absolutely nothing! It's a marketing gimmick as far as we are concerned. We use all-natural products. When bugs try to take over our garden, I whip up some concoction of wholesome ingredients, such as vinegar and baking soda or an essential oil spray. When I first started looking for alternative household cleaning products, I tried using all those big environmentally friendly companies, but it's not affordable. Though what we sell may not be cheap, it's high quality and you know that you are supporting a family business.


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David Rye III

Head Honcho


Catarina Rye

Executive Sous Chef

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Alexandria Rye

Boss Lady

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David Rye IV

Assistant Facilities Coordinator

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image (6).jpg

Mariah Rye

Jr. Excess Material Logistics Manager

Reagan Rye

Executive Demolition Coordinator

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Lincoln Rye

Demolition Support Lead


Mariah Rye

Jr. Excess Material Logistics Manager


Riley (RIP 1/3/20)

Emotional Support Specialist


Mariah Rye

Jr. Excess Material Logistics Manager

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