Sunburn Relief Spray
This spray is made of fractionated coconut oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Peperint Essential Oil, Vitamine E, and Pure Aloe.
Lavender is the BEST oil for any type of skin issue, especially burns. It is super soothing and healing. Peppermint is extremely cooling which is always nice for a sunburn! Tea Tree is added to help with the itchiness that often happens with sunburns and is very healing to the skin as well.
Frankincense is an amazing essential oil for skin and its anti-inflammatory properties are extremely helpful when it comes to sunburn. This combination is combined with fresh aloe and coconut oil to provide a soothing skin care for when sun burns happen. 

Instructions For Use:
Shake well, and apply generously to skin  or area that needs cooling. Be sure to avoid spraying around the eyes, as it will sting.The spray feels a bit sticky at first, but gets better as it dries. Re-sprayed every half hour or so at first and then as needed. 
What are Essential Oils? 
Essential oils are an umbrella term used to describe highly concentrated, steam-distilled or cold-pressed extracts of almost any part of a plant, such as seeds, flowers, fruit, leaves, stems and roots, that are said to improve physical and psychological well-being.
Disclaimer: To this day, neither the government nor the FDA have widely studied or regulated essential oils, so their effects have yet to be supported by scientific research. However, millions of people turn to aromatherapy every day, swearing by its ability to treat common health ailments like anxiety, congestion and joint pain.

Sunburn Relief Spray